It’s not for the wimpy

This parenting stuff is hard work.

When I was a kid it seemed so easy.  I did something wrong so I got sent to my room…My mom seemed to be the queen of it.

Paige is an emotional child, you might say a drama queen…while she has done a lot of growing up in the past several months, we have had some setbacks lately.  Today her emotions got the best of her and she is being punished.  She has to stay in her room…for the whole night!  And to top it off, she has to miss a family birthday party.  I know, we are really mean!

The thing I never imagined was that it is hard to discipline your kids.  I love Paige.  She is fun.  While she is banished to her room, I miss her and want her to be able to come hang out with me.  I didn’t expect that.  I never realized my parents had any problem disciplining me.

So while the boys went off to Nana’s to celebrate Jason’s birthday, Paige and I had a quiet dinner, just the two of us at the table before I sent her back to her “prison”.  Paige and I had a heart to heart and I think I get why she acted like she did today, but I still didn’t give in.  At one point during dinner Paige mentioned that it was like we were having a girl’s night.  My response, “It’s more like a girl’s prison.”



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