Parker Says…

Here are some actual scenarios that have happened in my life involving Parker this week…

After I carried him to bed for the 20th time, he sneaks into the living room.  When he notices that I see him sneaking, he stands up and says, “Seriously Mom, I’m not ready to go to bed.”  What 2-year-old says these things?

Last night we decided to go eat dinner at the country club.  I thought it would be a nice quiet weeknight where we could practice our table manners without disturbing many people.  Well the dining room ended up having more people that I thought would be there.  The food was taking awhile and I was about out of tricks to pull out of my purse when Paige needed to go to the bathroom.  Parker insisted he needed to go to the bathroom too, but since he is still wearing diapers and has no desire to potty train right now, I didn’t take him seriously.  When we came back from the bathroom, Parker was standing next to his chair and said (quite loudly), “I need to go to the bathroom to get this p**p out of my pants.”  I apologize now if you were someone who heard his declaration.

We are still quoting Home Alone on a regular basis and watching it over and over again.

Bedtime is not smooth sailing around here.  Parker has recently moved to a big boy bed and has some freedom to move around.  This isn’t working well.  When we try to Super Nanny move of just taking him back to bed without saying anything, he will stand at his bedroom door and yell, “I’m going to throw up!”  Now how does he know that is the one phrase that gets a parent moving faster than any other?  Unfortunately now he is the boy who cried wolf so if he is every sick, we probably aren’t going to believe him.

I am writing all of this down so that some day when he is the next Adam Sandler, I will have proof of how funny a kid he was.  It takes all the energy Blake and I have to not laugh at the crazy things he says and does.

Did I mention he sometimes wants to call my mom just to tell her he is Grandpa’s boy?  That little blue eyed boy is something else.  There is definitely never a dull moment around here!


One thought on “Parker Says…

  1. aliveandwellinkansas says:

    Forget Super Nanny’s techniques! Let’s put a crazy Kim outside his door. That oughta keep the kid in bed…or give him nightmares. Crazy Kim could also repeat everything he says, except louder…

    Parker– I have to get this p**p out of my pants!

    Crazy Kim–NO, I HAVE TO GET THIS P******P OUT OF MY PANTS!!!

    Maybe this is why I don’t have kids 🙂

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