Ms. Grumpypants


Have you ever been in a bad mood for no good reason?

That’s how I would describe myself tonight.  I am just plain grumpy.  I have no good reason to be grumpy so I’m going to blame it on the weather getting ready to change…yeah, I’m sure that’s it.

In an effort to change my grumpiness into happiness, I want to think about things that make me happy tonight.

  • My children and the silly things they say.
  • My husband and how much he helps me.  He’s a great dad and husband.
  • Mindless television
  • Having dinner planned and ready to throw in the crockpot tomorrow morning
  • Matching a great coupon with a great sale to get a wonderful deal
  • Matching a middle schooler with a book that they are excited to read
  • Having less than 40 books left to read on my Truman list
  • Sleeping
  • My husband filling my car up with gas (hint, hint)

I have a lot to be happy about.  I could go on and on so I need to get out of my funk.


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