What is your dream?

I was having a discussion with a co-worker and we were talking about teaching your kids to dream big.

Later, I was reading one of my favorite blogs, Stuff Christians Like, and I came across this post:


It seems that dreams are being shoved in my face.

When I look in tall buildings in big cities, I don’t have a clue what types of jobs are happening there.  When I hear childhood friends talk about their jobs, I am amazed because sometimes I didn’t even know such a job existed!

Did my parents teach us to dream big?  Well they didn’t tell us that there were limitations on what we wanted in life.  We were taught that whatever we wanted we could achieve through hard work and dedication.

My brother is the perfect example of that.  When he was starting high school, he had this dream.  He wanted to go to West Point.  Now, this dream seemed pretty unachievable to me.  I mean, you have to have a US Congressman or the President give you a nomination to get in even if you qualify.  Here was a small-town boy, what are the chances?  Adam knew his dream was a big one.  I remember when my family visited West Point early in Adam’s high school career (I was taking summer classes towards my masters degree so I wasn’t invited) and my mom wanted to buy Adam a souvenir.  He didn’t want a t-shirt or a hat because if he didn’t get accepted he didn’t want to feel like a failure.   Well to make a long story short, with help from God and a democrat, my brother found his way to West Point, graduated and is living the dream now.

I wanted to be a teacher, a wife, and a mother.  I wanted to have a nice house, maybe with a fireplace, and live a happy life.  Those dreams aren’t BIG in terms of the world’s standards, but I am living my dream so even though someone else might not think I dream big, I think I am living my dream!

I want to make it a priority to teach my kids to dream big.  Whatever their dream is, if they work hard we will do everything in our power to help them get there.  Who knows what the future may hold for them.

What was your dream?  Are you living it?


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