Our hero

Parker’s main request from Santa Claus this year was a fire truck.  He even mentioned to Santa that Paige wanted a fire truck too.  (She didn’t)

While we were at Christmas with my family, Parker asked our cousin, Travis, if we could come visit his fire trucks some time.  Travis is a fire captain.  Travis told him we could come visit anytime so on Sunday afternoon, we took him up on his offer.

We were headed to KC to have our last Christmas celebration of the season with Blake’s family so we just decided to make a detour to the fire station.  Little did we know the fun that would be store for us.

First Travis took us on a tour of the living quarters of the fire station.  Parker wanted to know if they were going to cook fish in the kitchen.  In the book we read, the fireman cooked some fish for dinner.

Then it was off to the garage where they keep all the fun trucks.  The ambulance was gone on a call so we started with the big fire truck.

Travis let them open every door on the fire truck and touch everything!  It was a dream come true!

The highlight of the visit was when Travis helped both kids climb on top of the truck, climb the ladder, and get in the bucket!

The ambulance came back from their call at one point.  We got to watch them back in and then they let us loose in the ambulance!  We got all of the answers to our questions.

We definitely got the VIP treatment at the firehouse.

Right after we took this picture, a call came in and Travis and to suit up and head out!  It was the perfect ending to a great tour as the firemen waved goodbye, honked along with their lights and sirens.  It was all Parker could talk about all day.  Paige had a great time too (and I think she thought it would just be fun for Parker)!

Thanks Travis for taking time out of your day to make a little boy’s dreams come true!

PS  As I show Parker the pictures, he gets so excited he shakes and yells!  You definitely made an impression on him!


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