An epidemic

Paige has always been a fan of television.  We have had to monitor her TV watching since she was very young.  Her idea of a perfect day is our 14 hour trip to my grandparents where she can watch movies and eat junk all day and not get in trouble.

Parker is a different bird.  Since 99% of the time Parker is awake, he is running, jumping or climbing, he isn’t much of a TV watcher…until Christmas break.

I love Christmas because they show all the old movies and we DVR them so we can watch them over and over.  We love to watch The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, Frosty and Rudolph.  This year we added some new movies to the list of favorites.  Thanks to ABC Family and Netflix, we watched all three Home Alone movies over vacation.

Parker fell in love.  The first time he watched the original Home Alone, his reactions were priceless.  He reminded me of my college roommate, Amanda, who used to make lots of sound effects while watching America’s Funniest Home Videos.  He was oohing and aahing right along with Marv and Harry.

The Home Alone fun hasn’t stopped in our house…actually it might be turning in to an epidemic.  Parker wants to watch Home Alone all the time now!  My kid who never cared about TV is throwing fits so he can watch “the bad guys”.

Should I be concerned that he is cheering for the bad guys?  Or he keeps telling me he wants to fly like Kevin?  What about the fact that he climbs on his shelves in his room because that boy does it.  I know I should stop him from watching this movie for the 450th time but he sure does love it.

One night Parker was in the other room playing and watching “the bad guys” and Blake said, “Wait for it…here it comes…”  I didn’t know what he was talking about but all of the sudden there was a horrible scream like Parker had been hurt.  I was imagining the worst.  Maybe he fell off the counter, maybe he smashed his hand or broke some glass somewhere…Nope that wasn’t it.  This was the culprit…

The cause of Parker’s panic

That’s right.  Every time that scenes comes on, Parker runs like someone has hurt him and comes running for his mom.  Then in about a minute he is ready to go back and watch “the bad guys” some more.

The other night Parker was sitting beside me while I was putting lotion on my hands.  He asked for some and I gave him a little bit.  He patted his hands together, patted his cheeks and then screamed just like the familiar photo…

I guess I’m just writing this post so Parker can take it with him to therapy in the future from too much exposure to bad guys.

I think next time I introduce my children to a movie classic, I will be a little more careful knowing I might have to watch it around a billion times.



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