Please don’t jinx me!

I have been toying with the idea of potty training Parker for quite awhile now.  I was all set to try it over Christmas break but when I asked him about it, he wasn’t interested.  If you have met Parker, you might have noticed he is very head-strong and stubborn (along with loveable and so stinkin’ cute).  If he wasn’t in, I wasn’t trying, so I stalled.

Paige was potty trained completely by the time she was Parker’s age.  With Paige we had one hectic day which ended with me calling my friend and saying, “She wet all 20 pairs of panties today!”  My friend assured me that I was on the right track and by 3 days later, she was trained.

I have been dreading potty-training Parker because all you wise mothers of boys have told me how hard it is and how long it takes and really, I don’t know how to go to the bathroom with that equipment so can’t I just put Blake in charge of it?

Well yesterday morning Parker decided he wanted to wear pull-ups.  We had several errands to run around town so I just figured fine, whatever it takes to get out of the house.  Several times I asked him if he needed to go potty.  (Paige would have said yes at every opportunity because she just likes to see new bathrooms)  When we got home, I realized he was still dry!  And he stayed dry all day even visiting the potty several times succesfully!

Today we tried it again and he has had another successful day!  No accidents besides naps and overnight!  I am amazed!  I have been dreading this day and my smart little boy just decided he was done with diapers and it looks like we might be done with diapers!

I know some of you are shaking your heads and thinking that my journey is not going to be this easy.  Tomorrow will be a whole new day.  You might be right and if so, I will just go with it.  But I have very much enjoyed not changing diapers for the last two days and I am going to live in rose-colored glasses.

I think my little crazy boy is just stubborn and head-strong enough to decide he just doesn’t want to have diapers anymore.  I’m sure it has nothing to do with the toys we found at Walmart that I have bribed him we will go back and buy when he is done with diapers for good.  I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that I have always said I will never take diapers to Disney so if they want to go, we better start using the toilet.  Or the super cool underwear he gets to wear.

It has been a lovely weekend at my house!


Dear Mr. Joel Osteen,

I would like to apologize to you for thinking bad thoughts about you.  I generalized you with other television evangelists.  After watching an interview that you gave Oprah, I realize I have judged your harshly.  (Disclaimer:  I am not a fan of Oprah but I do think she is a good interviewer and I have enjoyed getting caught up on her new show where she interviews famous people.)

Oprah asked you some point blank questions and you came back with good biblical answers when I thought you might try to skirt around and make pleasant answers.

I am by no means going to go out and buy a Joel Osteen t-shirt but I feel that you have gotten a bad wrap from me.  I have set my DVR to tape some of your programs because I would like to research you a little more.

Once again, I apologize for not learning about you and learning what you are about.

Too many books…not enough time

I bought myself a new toy right before Christmas.  I had been saving my birthday and Christmas money for awhile in hopes to get an iPad but I did my research, weighed the pros and cons of what I needed a tablet device for, and realized that for a fraction of the cost, I could get a Kindle Fire and be happy with it.

I had an original Kindle for quite awhile.  I don’t get to read it as much as I would like because of my obligations to the Truman Award committee but every now and then I have enjoyed reading on my Kindle.

I enjoy my Kindle Fire.  I think that what for the reasons I wanted a tablet, it works great for me.  I was a little disappointed when I realized it didn’t have 3G capabilities.  I just figured it would since my original Kindle did, but I’m getting over that.

The main reason I decided to jump the gun and purchase my Kindle Fire was because my public library started checking out Kindle books!  Here is a way I could still read the books I’m obligated to read but can use my Kindle and I don’t have to purchase the books!  Unfortunately, my original Kindle was not compatible with this program…

I have checked out books using the library’s online collection.  It has been wonderful.  Now I have to warn you that there are waiting lists for some of the popular titles and you only have 7 days with the e-book whether you finish it or not, but neither of these things really bother me too much.  It allows me to read the books I need to read and use my Kindle at the same time.

Ever since I got my original Kindle, I have always perused Amazon’s website looking for interesting free books.  I have added hundreds of books for free!  Some are good, some aren’t so great.  I’m a sucker for a bargain.

A couple weeks ago one of my good friends told me about to websites that show you which books are free on Amazon for your Kindle.  This doesn’t require all the research I used to do and you can read a little bit about the book to see if it’s something you are interested in.

These websites are:

Both of these websites are great to use when finding free books that you will actually read.  The other great thing about them is that some of these books are only free for a limited time.  I have set up a routine where I check the websites daily (You can also sign up for daily email announcements or follow them on Facebook) and if a title looks good, I add it to my Kindle to save for a rainy day.

Take a look at these websites.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised!

Parker Says…

Here are some actual scenarios that have happened in my life involving Parker this week…

After I carried him to bed for the 20th time, he sneaks into the living room.  When he notices that I see him sneaking, he stands up and says, “Seriously Mom, I’m not ready to go to bed.”  What 2-year-old says these things?

Last night we decided to go eat dinner at the country club.  I thought it would be a nice quiet weeknight where we could practice our table manners without disturbing many people.  Well the dining room ended up having more people that I thought would be there.  The food was taking awhile and I was about out of tricks to pull out of my purse when Paige needed to go to the bathroom.  Parker insisted he needed to go to the bathroom too, but since he is still wearing diapers and has no desire to potty train right now, I didn’t take him seriously.  When we came back from the bathroom, Parker was standing next to his chair and said (quite loudly), “I need to go to the bathroom to get this p**p out of my pants.”  I apologize now if you were someone who heard his declaration.

We are still quoting Home Alone on a regular basis and watching it over and over again.

Bedtime is not smooth sailing around here.  Parker has recently moved to a big boy bed and has some freedom to move around.  This isn’t working well.  When we try to Super Nanny move of just taking him back to bed without saying anything, he will stand at his bedroom door and yell, “I’m going to throw up!”  Now how does he know that is the one phrase that gets a parent moving faster than any other?  Unfortunately now he is the boy who cried wolf so if he is every sick, we probably aren’t going to believe him.

I am writing all of this down so that some day when he is the next Adam Sandler, I will have proof of how funny a kid he was.  It takes all the energy Blake and I have to not laugh at the crazy things he says and does.

Did I mention he sometimes wants to call my mom just to tell her he is Grandpa’s boy?  That little blue eyed boy is something else.  There is definitely never a dull moment around here!

Ms. Grumpypants


Have you ever been in a bad mood for no good reason?

That’s how I would describe myself tonight.  I am just plain grumpy.  I have no good reason to be grumpy so I’m going to blame it on the weather getting ready to change…yeah, I’m sure that’s it.

In an effort to change my grumpiness into happiness, I want to think about things that make me happy tonight.

  • My children and the silly things they say.
  • My husband and how much he helps me.  He’s a great dad and husband.
  • Mindless television
  • Having dinner planned and ready to throw in the crockpot tomorrow morning
  • Matching a great coupon with a great sale to get a wonderful deal
  • Matching a middle schooler with a book that they are excited to read
  • Having less than 40 books left to read on my Truman list
  • Sleeping
  • My husband filling my car up with gas (hint, hint)

I have a lot to be happy about.  I could go on and on so I need to get out of my funk.

What is your dream?

I was having a discussion with a co-worker and we were talking about teaching your kids to dream big.

Later, I was reading one of my favorite blogs, Stuff Christians Like, and I came across this post:

It seems that dreams are being shoved in my face.

When I look in tall buildings in big cities, I don’t have a clue what types of jobs are happening there.  When I hear childhood friends talk about their jobs, I am amazed because sometimes I didn’t even know such a job existed!

Did my parents teach us to dream big?  Well they didn’t tell us that there were limitations on what we wanted in life.  We were taught that whatever we wanted we could achieve through hard work and dedication.

My brother is the perfect example of that.  When he was starting high school, he had this dream.  He wanted to go to West Point.  Now, this dream seemed pretty unachievable to me.  I mean, you have to have a US Congressman or the President give you a nomination to get in even if you qualify.  Here was a small-town boy, what are the chances?  Adam knew his dream was a big one.  I remember when my family visited West Point early in Adam’s high school career (I was taking summer classes towards my masters degree so I wasn’t invited) and my mom wanted to buy Adam a souvenir.  He didn’t want a t-shirt or a hat because if he didn’t get accepted he didn’t want to feel like a failure.   Well to make a long story short, with help from God and a democrat, my brother found his way to West Point, graduated and is living the dream now.

I wanted to be a teacher, a wife, and a mother.  I wanted to have a nice house, maybe with a fireplace, and live a happy life.  Those dreams aren’t BIG in terms of the world’s standards, but I am living my dream so even though someone else might not think I dream big, I think I am living my dream!

I want to make it a priority to teach my kids to dream big.  Whatever their dream is, if they work hard we will do everything in our power to help them get there.  Who knows what the future may hold for them.

What was your dream?  Are you living it?