A conversation with Paige

Just another random night at our house…

I noticed that our adopted cat keeps getting fatter and fatter but we haven’t been feeding him THAT much.  I posed the question, do we really know this cat is a boy?  I’m just saying that one time I named my cat Prissy and it turned out to be a boy…happens to the best of us.

Then I got scared that this cat who has come to love to lay around on MY stuff (I’m not a cat fan) would decide to have kittens on MY stuff!  That is not ok with me.

Paige takes off running to my bedroom.  She come back, “Mom, there aren’t any kittens in your bed.”

“Thanks, Paige.”

Paige then says, “Anyway Mom, Charlie would have to get married before he can have kittens.  And before he can get married he has to find LOVE.”  This is said with much emphasis on the love part which included googly eyes.

I think Paige is right.  Of course Charlie won’t have kittens.  He hasn’t found love or gotten married.  Why didn’t I think of that?

PS…after much googling and research (I’m a librarian you know) I am convinced the cat is a boy and is just storing food for the winter or something.  As long as he isn’t using my plants for his bathroom, I’m fine with that.

Just another night in our house…


One thought on “A conversation with Paige

  1. Erin McCullough says:

    Can I just tell you how much it makes my heart happy that Paige lives in a world where that is what you do before you have babies? She doesn’t have parents who have have fallen “in love” with multiple people or has seen heartbreak. She doesn’t know a world where you do the baby-making thing before you get married. I love her so much and this makes me smile!

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