We have had a sick house this week.  It’s all my fault.  At the beginning of December I thought to myself how nice it was that I hadn’t had to take a sick day for my kids since September.  Paige hasn’t been to school since Wednesday but I think she is going to make a comeback tomorrow.  Come on it’s Pajama Day! She has to be better than that.

I tell you all this because my annual cookie baking has gotten a late start.  My favorite sous chef has been under the weather.  Her replacement although very cute, is more work than help and I just haven’t been up to the challenge.

Yesterday we got a jump start.  Parker helped me make an all-time favorite, peanut clusters.  These babies are so good, they deserve a post of their own.  Look for a future blog just dedicated to these little beauties.


I also made another tradition from my childhood, peanut butter blossoms.  Nothing is better than eating a peanut blossom while it’s still warm and the chocolate just melts in your mouth.

Today I felt that everyone was well enough to join me back in the kitchen.  While I worked on fudge, the kids worked on a project of their own.

I would tell you Parker helped, but I think he ate more than he helped…

And then it was time to add our favorite ingredient!

The end product is great and oh so yummy!

While the kids were working on their project, it wasn’t without some drama…

I found a new favorite (easy) Christmas treat!

I don’t think I have ever tried to make fudge before but I fell in love with this handy dandy little box that has everything you need in it.  The fudge is still chilling but it sure looks awesome!

We still have quite a bit of baking to do around here but we have a good start.  We love to make Christmas cookies around here.  I hope that I am making memories for my kids that they will carry on some day.  I hope you are also making memories with your families!  Merry Christmas!


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