Am I burned out?

I was couponing before couponing was cool.  I’ve upgraded to my big notebook around a year ago and really went big time.

Some people will say, “Oh, you can’t really save money doing that.”  or “People on that show are crazy!”  Well I never went quite as extreme as the TV show but I have saved quite a bit of money and I do have quite the collection of Hamburger Helper and men’s deodorant.

I find myself not racing out to get the Wednesday ad for our local grocery store.  I’m not jumping at the bit to find out what Walgreen’s has on sale this week.


First of all, I have to drive around 20 miles to the nearest Walgreens and they have just burned me too many times.  I can’t tell you how many times I have driven over there (forgoing my Sunday nap) to find out that they are out of what I need or they do not have the same sales going on as the ad I got in my Sunday paper.

Don’t get me wrong, I have gotten some good deals and I will still go over there if a great deal comes up but it has just ended wrong one too many times.

I still look at the grocery store ad and match it to my coupons and I still get some good deals.  Take Saturday for instance, I had been on a mega-Walmart shopping trip with Paige and forgot the one main ingredient to our dinner.  If you are going to make ham rolls, you need to have ham!  So we ran in the grocery store real quick because I just couldn’t go back into Walmart.

While we were there, I noticed a cart of deodorant marked down.  And it happened to be my husband’s kind!  So we stocked up!

Second of all, I live in the middle of nowhere.  While we have a wonderful furniture store in our town, we just have the basic Walmart, grocery store and Dollar General.  If I lived in a real town with lots of main-line stores, I could save tons of money.

So you might not see me with my big notebook around town anymore but I am still getting my savings on a smaller scale.  And I’m going to spend my time that I used to spend on coupon planning on something else…not sure what that might be yet.  I guess I’m looking for suggestions.


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