Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.  1 Timothy 4:12

My mom would argue that I am no longer young…I would argue that it depends on the company I keep.  In my career choice, I am sometimes still the young one.

Have you ever told someone something you know 100% to be true and they doubt you?  This drives me crazy!  I will admit that sometimes I don’t know what I’m talking about and I usually will say that it’s something I think or I heard it to be true.  When I really know what I’m talking about, I let you know it.

Sometimes you run in to people who think you don’t know what you are talking about just because you are younger than them.

Once upon a time I was attending a library meeting.  I was with the other librarians in my district and if you looked at the three of us, you would not guess that I had the most experience and am the department chair, but it is the truth.  (I’m not saying the other ladies look like the above picture but they are a few years older than me, I love them still.)  I asked a question that went along with what we were talking about at the meeting and the lady in charge, older than me, starting going off on me that because of my lack of experience I didn’t know better.  When the conversation was over, I actually had been asking a valid point and was not out of line.  She on the other hand is still the butt of our jokes when I get referred to as the “young one” or “I don’t know anything because I’m the young one” by my fellow librarians.

I don’t know a lot but I do know about middle school aged books and my library.  I love my job and take pride in it so when someone assumes I don’t do a good job or know what I’m doing, it tends to get my feathers ruffled.

My feathers have been ruffled this past week.  I must just look very youthful so people don’t realize that I have been in the library for over 10 years.  That will be the excuse to myself and I won’t think about the fact that the ruffling happened over email where someone can’t even see me  🙂

I hope as I get older and former students continue (yes, I already work with former students) to come to work at our school or people who are younger than me are in leadership roles in my profession, that I will remember that they can have good ideas and do a good job even if they haven’t been in their position for 30 years.

I won’t discriminate against you for being old, so don’t discriminate against me for being young (or middle-aged or whatever I am).



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