Lots of Thankful Days in November

So I got a little busy with life…This is going to be a long one!!

November 18–I’m thankful for friends.  I’m thankful for people who have been a great friend in every season of my life.  It’s funny how God puts the right people in your way for them to bless you and for you to bless them.  So whether you were my good friend when we were little, in high school, college or last year…I’m thankful for you and what you have brought to my life.  I hope I’ve added as much joy.

November 19–I’m thankful for modern technology.  I am a gadget girl and I love how handy my life has become because of this technology.  I remember when the first computer was brought into our elementary school.  We have come  along way since then.  I am also thankful that I have almost saved enough money to get an iPad, I’m just saying.

November 20–I’m thankful for chocolate.  On a bad day, chocolate can make it so much better!  I’ve never met a chocolate I didn’t like except for german chocolate cake and that 90% junk that my school nurse tricked me in to eating once.

November 21–Today I am thankful for the great examples of marriage that I have in my family and in Blake’s family.  Today my parents celebrate 35 years together.  They are a great example of a marriage where divorce has never been an option.  Every day is not full of roses and love but through thick and thin my parents have supported each other and I think they have a pretty great marriage.

November 22–I am thankful that my grandma started playing Words with Friends.  I love playing with her.  It’s just nice to know that she is thinking of me even if that means thinking about how to beat me or thinking how smart I am because I can beat her  🙂  Love you Grandma!

November 23–I am thankful for a job where we get Thanksgiving break, Christmas break, summer break, etc.  Don’t be jealous.  We all made our choices in life.

November 24–I am thankful that we have finally figured out a holiday plan that works for us.  We get to spend a fair share of time with both sides of our family without feeling like someone gets the short end of the stick.

November 25–I am thankful that Parker is learning how to sleep in…enough said

November 26–I am thankful today for a day spent with family.  We had a great day today at the movies and taking my parents out to eat for their anniversary.  It was nice to get to spend time with my family and not feel rushed.  I am thankful that we all enjoy each other’s company and have fun together.  No one can make me laugh til I cry as fast as those crazy Appleberry’s.

I fell behind on this week’s thankful posts but it is definitely not because I don’t feel blessed.  I am one lucky girl and I try each day to appreciate that.  I hope you have just as many blessings in your life.  And the month isn’t over yet!!


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