Thankful November–Day 12

Today I am thankful for my college education.  When I was in college, working my part-time job to pay tuition during weekends and evenings, I would always tell myself that once I had my degree I wouldn’t work weekends or nights.  That’s what kept me going when I would have to work while my friends went and had fun.  Some day it would be worth it and I would drive a nice car, not a Chevette with no defrost and I would have my weekends to myself.

Guess what?  My dreams came true.  I now drive a nice car that has all the bells and whistles that are important to me.  No more heat of the engine melting my bottoms of my tennis shoes or having to air up my tires every couple of days because of the grass sticking out of the wheel.  When an ice storm hits, I have a defrost that actually works and I even get to park in my garage!

I don’t have to work on evenings and weekends very often and I get the summer off.

I was right, my degree was worth every minute that I spent telemarketing, watching kids in daycare, working at the bookstore, etc. etc.  I am thankful for parents who sacrificed so that I could go to college and for all the role models who helped shape what degree I would get even though I really don’t use that degree at all right now… I just thought of that 🙂  Oh well, it was a step stool to get me where I am today.


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