Thankful November–Day 9

You know how they say that you don’t realize what you have til it’s gone?  Well that brings us to today’s subject.  Last year I realized how much I depend on this person and boy am I glad to have him back.

Today I am thankful for my brother, Nerdboy.  That’s right my goofy younger brother who can make me laugh so hard but also make me so stinkin’ mad all probably within 10 minutes time.

Adam is seven years younger than me.  He was my 7th birthday present.  You can read all about that twisted relationship here.

When we were kids some of my favorite memories are when we would be sitting down to dinner and my dad would ask me to pray.  All very simple until Nerd would say one thing or make one noise which would set me off giggling making it very hard to pray like my dad asked.  I usually ended up getting in trouble for not being able to be serious during the prayer…all Adam’s fault.

Adam has a little memory problem and doesn’t even remember me living at home before I went off to college even though he was in 4th grade and should have memories (Don’t get me started).  We had some really great memories from when I moved back home for a year after college.

I always tease that I sure am glad I came first because I never could have followed Adam.  He aimed for the stars with West Point.  I actually never thought he would be able to do it.  We weren’t in politics or anything, but he surprised us all and went to West Point.  I still read about things people do at West Point and am surprised he could do that stuff.  He doesn’t a great job of keeping his military life and his family life separate.

Taking Adam to the airport the day he left for West Point was one of the saddest days of my life.  Sure, my parents, Holly and I tried to do some fun things that day but we all knew our lives would never be the same.  I could not be more proud of Adam and all he has accomplished.

I’m thankful that when my mother is driving me crazy (sorry Mom) I can call Adam and he can talk me off the ledge or better yet he can call Mom and talk some sense into her.

I’m thankful that because of Adam’s ambitions I have been able to visit West Point, New York City, Fort Knox, Colorado Springs and who knows where else.  I’m hoping his next post will be near a beach!

I’m thankful that Adam found his wife at a young age and that she can handle him because sometimes he is quite a handful.

I’m thankful he is the child in our family who got the desire to run marathons.

I am so very thankful that Adam was kept safe during his deployment last year.  I would also be super thankful if he didn’t have to be deployed anymore even though I know he does not agree.

I am also thankful that Adam will be at Christmas this year and that we will get to celebrate the holiday together.

Nerdbucket, I love you and I think you are a great brother.  You do need to listen to your wise older sister more because sometimes I have great advice but I figure as you mature and get older, you will figure that out.  You are a great uncle and we are so excited to get to see you this weekend!  Thank you for being a great example of someone who dreamed big, went for it and achieved their dreams.  You are a great example to my kids!   PS I was very kind when picking out pictures to put on here.  I had some great ones that I passed up because I knew you would beat me up next time I see you.  You are welcome.


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