Thankful November–Day 7

I have been writing this thankful post in my head for days now.

I am thankful for my mom.  My mom and I have a completely different relationship than my dad and I do.  You can get a look at what my relationship with my dad looks like here.  While I can count on one hand the time I have argued with my dad, there are not enough leaves in my backyard to count how many times I have argued with my mom.  Isn’t that the way with moms and daughters?

I am thankful that my mom never kicked me out of the house because of my smart mouth comments.

I am thankful that my mom believed that if I liked her she wasn’t doing her job during my smart mouth years.

I am thankful she cared enough to stay up until my curfew to make sure I made it home and even to give me a curfew in the first place.

I am thankful that she thought it was very important for us to take our family vacation time to go visit our family in Ohio.  My grandparents live over 900 miles away but I am closer them than a lot of my friends were to their grandparents in the same town and that was because my mom showed me how important family is.

I am thankful my mom made me continue piano lessons all 13 years, especially now that I have picked the habit back up after many many years.

I am thankful my mom could teach me how to shop until I drop.  That’s the one downfall of Dad’s retirement and my pesky kids, we don’t get to go shopping all day long like we used, but I’m sure our bank accounts look better.

I am thankful that my mom made family dinners a priority in our house.  I believe that’s a lot of the reason that we are still a close family today and I am carrying the tradition on with my own family.

I am thankful my mom found it important to go to church even in the early years when she took me by herself.

I am thankful my mom was mean and made me buy my own first car.  I had more pride in that dumb Chevette than a lot of my friends had in their nicer cars because I had worked hard for it.

My mom and I have had some of the most epic fights of my life.  One of her most clever was a night when I was in high school and I just didn’t want to go to bed.  I sat up talking with Mom and she kept telling me I needed to go to bed or I would have to go to bed really early the next night.  I just didn’t believe she would follow through until the next night when my pesky Nerdboy brother was still outside playing (because it was still light outside) and Mom made me go to bed.  I’m thankful my mom stuck to her guns. When she said something, she meant it and always followed through.

I am thankful my mom only let me stay home from school when I had a fever or was throwing up (even those neither of those things happen to me very often).  It taught me good work ethic and taught me how to tough it out when everything is not perfect.

My mom was a strict mom but she is my best friend.  I talk to her more on the phone than anyone else and I don’t know what I would do without her talks.  We don’t always agree but no one said we had to.  She is a great grandmother to my kids.  She makes the best chocolate chip cookies, tater tot casserole and broccoli cheese soup (although not all at the same time).

I remember once a few weeks after Paige was born, Paige and I had gone to visit Mom.  I think Paige was about 6 weeks old or so and I hadn’t been getting much sleep.  I asked Mom if she would watch Paige for a few minutes so I could go take a cat nap.  I slept harder and deeper in that three hours than maybe in my whole life.  I was able to relax because I knew that my mom was in charge and everything would be okay.  Sometimes I wish I could go back and tell little girl Amy to cherish the time when everything would always be okay and I lived at home.

I’m thankful for the lies Mom told me as a kid that helped me not worry about everything quite so much like…It never rains and tornadoes at the same time so as long as it rains, you will be fine (Yes it does, but I was a bit scared of tornadoes and storms)  Trees never fall on houses and squish the roof and come inside.  (Yes, they do but it helped me sleep at night)  You’ll get your braces off next month (Yep, heard that one several times)

Mom, you were strict but you added just the right amount of kindness.  We have fought with the best of them but you are the first one I want to call when I have exciting or sad news.  You sacrificed a lot moving away from your family when I was little and I don’t take that for granted.  You gave us the best “Beaver Cleaver” childhood and are a great example for how I want my kids to be raised.

Thank you!


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