Thankful November–Day 6

Today I am thankful for Paige.

I am thankful that Paige has learned how to sleep more than 20 minutes at a time like she did when we first brought her home.

I am thankful for Paige’s love for learning.  She is excited to get up and go to school each and every day and loves to learn new things.  I am thankful that she has a great school to go to and a teacher who not only wears pretty dresses but also does a great job teaching and loving my daughter each day.

I am thankful for Paige’s sense of style.  She enjoys fashion.  She has recently started drawing clothing designs.  It is fun to ask her opinion about an outfit or piece of jewelry and she actually really cares and have interesting thoughts.  This makes me think maybe she isn’t my real child but it is fun nonetheless.

I am thankful that Paige is such a great big sister.  She cares about her brother and doesn’t mind including him in her adventures.  She likes to teach him things and does a great job.

I am thankful that Paige is a thoughtful person.  She often thinks of others and tries to be polite and helpful.

I am thankful that I no longer have to buy expensive baby formula, diapers or daycare for Paige anymore.

I am thankful that Paige still thinks it’s fun to help me do chores around the house and doesn’t complain too much.  (I realize this will not last long)

Paige, you are turning into a wonderful little lady.  Each day when you learn something new, I get so excited for you and your future.  I know that I will blink my eyes and you will be going off to college and our time in the same house will come to an end so I promise to try to treasure it all.  I look forward to seeing where your interests take you and what your future holds.  Thanks for being my beautiful red haired girl who makes me smile every day.


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