Why didn’t I think of that?

I know I have admitted my love for finding a good bargain and that I am a very organized and serious couponer but have we talked about how I keep up with all of this?

Krazy Coupon Lady!

This is where I printed the templates for my divider pages in my couponing binder.  I can go to her website really quick to see where all the great deals are.

Today, I thought her blog had a particularly good idea about something I have been struggling with for awhile.

Parker has turned into my grocery store buddy.  He likes to go shopping with me and we usually have a great time.  He is pretty patient with my careful shopping.  He enjoys making towers out of whatever I put in the cart with him.  The only problem with this is that when it is time to check out, Parker wants to help.  He is throwing the groceries on the counter and usually telling the cashier all about all the fun he has had going through the aisles.

I always feel like a frazzled mess by the time I get out of there.  I have been dropping coupons or even worse, forgot to use a coupon.  I enjoy our one-on-one time too much to just not take him and that’s why this idea is so brilliant.

KCL says you should take an envelope for each store you are going to visitand write on it what you want to buy at each store.  Then put the coupons for each store in the corresponding envelope.  Now I’m not going to waste a perfectly good envelope on this but I have been saving the envelopes out of the junk mail I get and that would be the perfect use for them.  Then I’m not digging through binders, pockets and my purse to find each coupon.  I’m definitely going to put this to good use next time we go on our grocery store date.

Check out KCL’s website.  You don’t have to be like those crazy people on TV.  Start small and you can save money for your family pretty easily!


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