Thankful November–Day 3

A little over 3 years ago I went through a tough time that really tried my faith.  I had a miscarriage.  Now I had always felt like my faith was strong enough to go through anything even though I had had a pretty great life with no major trials.  My miscarriage was no walk in the park.  I think anyone who has gone though that would agree.  I did believe even through the tears that God had a plan and that my family would make it through.

Today on Day 3 of my Thankful November, I am thankful for Parker.  Almost exactly a year after my miscarriage, I gave birth to Parker.  He has changed our lives forever and I am so glad he is part of our family.

I am thankful that Parker is healthy enough to be able to jump off the fireplace mantle or the ottoman.  I’m also thankful that he has not had any emergency room visits from these jumps…yet.

I am thankful to have a little boy who can make me so mad by being so crazy and melt my heart in the next minute with his blue eyes.

I am thankful that Parker’s vocabulary is so advanced even if it means he can already tell me he wants to watch a football game.  And that he can tell me exactly what he thinks he needs to eat for dinner.

I am definitely thankful that my days buying diapers are numbered.

I am thankful that my little guy can stop running long enough to enjoy reading books.

I am thankful that Parker sleeps well and goes to sleep without a fight most nights.  I do wish he would work on his sleeping in skills.

Parker makes me laugh more than just about any other person in this world.  He is trying hard to work on his temper issues and potty issues 🙂  He is a sweet boy who loves his sister more than just about anyone besides maybe his Grandpa.  He loves to run fast , jump high, tickle and be tickled, sing, and cuddle.  Parker brings so much joy to our lives and makes us so tired at the same time but we wouldn’t trade him for the world.

I look forward to the future with Parker.  I’m looking forward to his vocabulary getting even bigger, his stunts becoming more dangerous and using the bathroom on his own!  Oh the little things in life!


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