November, a thankful month

Good riddance, Halloween, a holiday full of kids who don’t say “thank you”, who expect candy even when they don’t bother to put on a costume and are really too old to be trick-or-treating in the first place…

But I digress, let’s move on to a much more calm and happy month I like to call November. Wonderful things happen in November. Paige and I were just discussing this morning all the wonderful things that come with November. The town will put away their gross, scary decorations and pull out their Christmas best of inflatables and fun! Family will come to visit that we don’t get to see very often. We get to eat some pretty awesome meals. We will be decorating our own house for Christmas and pumping our children full of the real reason for the season. And starting today, I will be playing Christmas music in the car. If I wait til after Thanksgiving, we don’t have time to relearn the words.

I am not rushing past one of my favorite holidays, Thanksgiving. I love November because it’s a time when we can sit down and reflect on the things we are thankful for. God has given us so much and even when we get selfish and have pity parties, all we have to do is think a little about all that He has given us. That is why I’m going to try my hardest to write a post each day in November about something I’m thankful for.

Today, I will focus on one of my favorite people…my husband. I don’t gush a lot about my husband on Facebook or on the blog because first of all, I don’t want to brag and secondly, I always wonder about those people who talk about how wonderful their lives are all the time. Are they really that wonderful or are they just putting up a front?

Back to the subject, my husband. I don’t know how I got so lucky to get such a wonderful guy. I guess God (and Linda Ogle) were watching out for me. After one simple blind date, my life was forever changed for the better. I hear other people talk about their husbands and I just have to giggle in my head. Blake is a neater person than I am and I often joke that he is the “wife” of our relationship.

Well just this morning Blake started a load of towels and unloaded the dishwasher while I was trying to come out of my post-Halloween fog. That’s just a normal day Blake.

It’s not just his housekeeping that I love, although that is a pretty awesome trait. Blake is a great dad. You never hear him say, “I have to watch the kids” because he doesn’t consider it an extra duty. He loves to spend time with us and most of the time is game for whatever adventure I’ve come up with.It’s not uncommon for Blake to have the kids tag along on some adventure.

I probably do not say enough how thankful I am for having such a wonderful, caring, loving husband who I truly enjoy spending my life with. I often remind Blake of how lucky we are that we enjoy being with each other and don’t spend our time fighting.

So thanks God for, once again, having a plan for my life and providing such a great mate for my life.


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