Taking charge

If you looked in the front window of my house at any given time you would think i had been robbed or a Toys R Us had exploded in my house. My children have had a toy room to play in but it had gotten out of hand. Last weekend Paige and I spent 2 hours just picking up her bedroom and the toy room.

I reached my breaking point. Many moons ago that room was our office/library where I could go to get away from the constant sports or history channel shows that are on when Blake happens to be watching tv. Now I don’t go in there for fear of what old sippie cup or snack I might run in to.

During the long hours of conferences (the librarian is not the most visited), I started formulating my plan.

Starting last night and early this morning, my plan took action. I organized bedrooms, moved the train table and the toy box, bought containers and sorted through massive amounts of small pieces. I’ve moved furniture and my desk is getting moved back in later today. I do not expect to have everything done today but I have a great start.

After the week I’ve had I definitely am planning on spending some quality time with my DVR today as well.

When I have days off like today it is very tempting to stay in my jambes and just relax but I’m very proud of myself for getting things in order.





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