Who am I kidding?

Okay now I understand why only one of my “friends” decided to go along with me on this challenge…because it was a STUPID IDEA!  Ha!

Let’s review…

Day 1–I did pretty good.  I did realize that every time I thought I wanted a snack it was one of the things on the “no” list

Day 2–I started getting a little cranky which is never good when you work with hormonal middle schoolers.  I made cupcakes for church on Wednesday and didn’t even lick the frosting off my finger.  Very begrudgingly, but I went to bed and had an apple for a snack instead of my nightly ice cream.

Day 3–Definitely cranky and just begging to give up.  I had a piece of carrot cake that sat on my desk all day long (it came with my Habitat for Humanity lunch).  I had let Paige pick out which dessert I should get the day before thinking I would save it for her and I did save it for her…but then I shared it WITH her.  Not good!  But I started to not be such a grouchy negative mess.  Then I went out to eat Mexican with a friend and I lost my marbles.  That’s right, I ate the chips and when I got home, I enjoyed ice cream while reading my book.  So I failed miserably…

I’m not too sad about it.  Here’s what I learned…I have no will power.  I think I already knew that but I also figured out that when I snack it’s not on good options.  There has to be a happy medium.  Maybe if I stopped eating sugar for 21 days I wouldn’t like the taste of sugar once the trial was over but there is probably a better chance that I would be fired for yelling at students at school so I’m taking one for the team and going back on sugar.  I’m sure no one is surprised…and I need to stay employed and happily married.


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