21 Day Challenge

As I was trying to make heads or tails of a new social networking site, Pinterest (that’s a whole different post), that is my dear friend’s new obsession, I came across a challenge that I found very interesting.
The No Junk Food Challenge
The Rules:
No chocolate
No candy
No biscuits or cookies
No cake, donuts, or muffins
No pastries
No white bread
No chips
No fast food
No nutella, peanut butter, or other naughty spreads
No ice cream
For 21 days

Interesting and completely crazy…I do realize this.  But interesting nonetheless.

I know I am completely addicted to sugar.  I live off of it every day.  I wonder what would happen if I took that out of my diet?  Now I haven’t gone completely off my rocker.  It doesn’t say “No Diet Pop” or “No Cheese”.  I could even eat wheat bread.  I also counted my days and realized that 21 days gets the challenge over just in time for…Halloween.  Let’s be serious.  Who can go trick or treating with their kid and not eat any candy?

The “No Fast Food” part of the challenge would be hard for convenience sake but I’ve been so mad at my local McDonald’s for wrong orders, different totals for the same orders, and unfriendly service that I’m ready to take a break from them anyway.  I’m going to interpret “fast food” to just include restaurants.  I think if I want to make chicken nuggets and french fries at home, that would be totally doable.

Why am I telling you??  Well for starters, I have tried to challenge myself before and if it’s just between me, myself and I, I tend to give up and cheat…I’m sure you are shocked.  But if I have you to keep my accountable, maybe I will make it til the end.  Also if you see that I’m super cranky, you will understand why.  Or possibly you are as intrigued by this challenge as I am.  Anyone want to join me on this adventure?

I tell you what, between making my own granola bars and applesauce and now contemplating this challenge, I might be exercising by next year…Ha ha, let’s not get too crazy!

So think about it but think fast.  I’m going to start the challenge on Monday, October 10th.  That means the first day off of the challenge will be Halloween where it’s very likely that I would blow all my hard work by stealing all of my children’s Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups from their loot after they go to sleep that night OR maybe I will feel so much better I won’t even want to have any…A girl can dream, can’t she??

So cheer me on, definitely pray for me and if you are feeling a little wild, join me in this 21 day challenge!


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