A spooky lunch

Today I decided to have a spooky lunch for the kids.
Our menu:
Witch’s brew

This took me 15 minutes and it was a huge hit! What did we really have? Hot dogs with crescent rolls, carrots, grapes, slices of cheese cut into pumpkin and leaf shapes, and grape juice.

We are enjoying our day off!



And for dessert? Monster toes of course!
Marshmallows with strawberry jelly on the tips


Taking charge

If you looked in the front window of my house at any given time you would think i had been robbed or a Toys R Us had exploded in my house. My children have had a toy room to play in but it had gotten out of hand. Last weekend Paige and I spent 2 hours just picking up her bedroom and the toy room.

I reached my breaking point. Many moons ago that room was our office/library where I could go to get away from the constant sports or history channel shows that are on when Blake happens to be watching tv. Now I don’t go in there for fear of what old sippie cup or snack I might run in to.

During the long hours of conferences (the librarian is not the most visited), I started formulating my plan.

Starting last night and early this morning, my plan took action. I organized bedrooms, moved the train table and the toy box, bought containers and sorted through massive amounts of small pieces. I’ve moved furniture and my desk is getting moved back in later today. I do not expect to have everything done today but I have a great start.

After the week I’ve had I definitely am planning on spending some quality time with my DVR today as well.

When I have days off like today it is very tempting to stay in my jambes and just relax but I’m very proud of myself for getting things in order.




Breaking the rules

I am a rule follower.  I learned pretty early on that if I broke the rules, I was the one that was going to get caught so I quickly became a rule follower.
This was first apparent to me on a Friday or Saturday evening when my parents sent me to pick up pizza for dinner.  We didn’t have delivery back in those days.  I very innocently took one cruise (remember cruising?) through Sonic on my way home and as soon as I walked in the door, my dad knew I had drove through Sonic.  How did he know that?  I have no idea.  It must be supersonic powers that I will get when my children become driving age, but he knew.
The ONLY time I let my college roommates talk me into going to a party, it turned out to be a party thrown by guys from my hometown.  When I walked in the door one of them dropped his beverage of choice and shouted, “I’m calling your dad!”  I turned around and went back to the dorm.  See?  I always get caught.
Because I’m a rule follower, I have always pretty much done what is expected of me.  I took the hard classes in high school, no cooking or lifetime sports for me.  I went to the college that was expected and got the expected degree, elementary education.  I graduated early and got pretty good grades because that’s what I was supposed to do.  Got a job, got married, had kids, it all fit right into the “expected” thing to do.
Well I wish I had the guts to do something very unexpected.  I would love to go for a dream and not worry about the consequences or what others might thing of my decisions.  That is not me.
If I were that type of person (and money grew on trees) here is what I would be doing right now.  I would turn in my resignation at my job and buy this cute little house that is for sale in town.  I would open a bed and breakfast and cater to our local college alumni and families.  I would throw caution to the wind (and my college degrees) and spend my days making pastries for my guests to snack on and decorating my cute little bed and breakfast.  I would meet interesting people and live a life that I have read about in books…fiction books.  Don’t fret though…I’m not going anywhere.  I will be in my little library making students’ dreams come true for the next 12-17 years.
I was thinking about this the other day and about how nice it would be to be able to make a decision based solely on what I “wanted” to do and not what I “have” to do.  I realize that Blake and I did just that several months ago and it was one of the best decisions we have ever made so maybe we should be WILD more often!

Side Note:  While writing this blog, I realized that I have taught more years than I have left until retirement which makes me super happy and old at the same time!

Who am I kidding?

Okay now I understand why only one of my “friends” decided to go along with me on this challenge…because it was a STUPID IDEA!  Ha!

Let’s review…

Day 1–I did pretty good.  I did realize that every time I thought I wanted a snack it was one of the things on the “no” list

Day 2–I started getting a little cranky which is never good when you work with hormonal middle schoolers.  I made cupcakes for church on Wednesday and didn’t even lick the frosting off my finger.  Very begrudgingly, but I went to bed and had an apple for a snack instead of my nightly ice cream.

Day 3–Definitely cranky and just begging to give up.  I had a piece of carrot cake that sat on my desk all day long (it came with my Habitat for Humanity lunch).  I had let Paige pick out which dessert I should get the day before thinking I would save it for her and I did save it for her…but then I shared it WITH her.  Not good!  But I started to not be such a grouchy negative mess.  Then I went out to eat Mexican with a friend and I lost my marbles.  That’s right, I ate the chips and when I got home, I enjoyed ice cream while reading my book.  So I failed miserably…

I’m not too sad about it.  Here’s what I learned…I have no will power.  I think I already knew that but I also figured out that when I snack it’s not on good options.  There has to be a happy medium.  Maybe if I stopped eating sugar for 21 days I wouldn’t like the taste of sugar once the trial was over but there is probably a better chance that I would be fired for yelling at students at school so I’m taking one for the team and going back on sugar.  I’m sure no one is surprised…and I need to stay employed and happily married.

21 Day Challenge

As I was trying to make heads or tails of a new social networking site, Pinterest (that’s a whole different post), that is my dear friend’s new obsession, I came across a challenge that I found very interesting.
The No Junk Food Challenge
The Rules:
No chocolate
No candy
No biscuits or cookies
No cake, donuts, or muffins
No pastries
No white bread
No chips
No fast food
No nutella, peanut butter, or other naughty spreads
No ice cream
For 21 days

Interesting and completely crazy…I do realize this.  But interesting nonetheless.

I know I am completely addicted to sugar.  I live off of it every day.  I wonder what would happen if I took that out of my diet?  Now I haven’t gone completely off my rocker.  It doesn’t say “No Diet Pop” or “No Cheese”.  I could even eat wheat bread.  I also counted my days and realized that 21 days gets the challenge over just in time for…Halloween.  Let’s be serious.  Who can go trick or treating with their kid and not eat any candy?

The “No Fast Food” part of the challenge would be hard for convenience sake but I’ve been so mad at my local McDonald’s for wrong orders, different totals for the same orders, and unfriendly service that I’m ready to take a break from them anyway.  I’m going to interpret “fast food” to just include restaurants.  I think if I want to make chicken nuggets and french fries at home, that would be totally doable.

Why am I telling you??  Well for starters, I have tried to challenge myself before and if it’s just between me, myself and I, I tend to give up and cheat…I’m sure you are shocked.  But if I have you to keep my accountable, maybe I will make it til the end.  Also if you see that I’m super cranky, you will understand why.  Or possibly you are as intrigued by this challenge as I am.  Anyone want to join me on this adventure?

I tell you what, between making my own granola bars and applesauce and now contemplating this challenge, I might be exercising by next year…Ha ha, let’s not get too crazy!

So think about it but think fast.  I’m going to start the challenge on Monday, October 10th.  That means the first day off of the challenge will be Halloween where it’s very likely that I would blow all my hard work by stealing all of my children’s Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups from their loot after they go to sleep that night OR maybe I will feel so much better I won’t even want to have any…A girl can dream, can’t she??

So cheer me on, definitely pray for me and if you are feeling a little wild, join me in this 21 day challenge!