Happy Birthday Parker!

Things to know about Parker…

    • Parker loves sports.  I fully believe it is something boys are born with.  He will never sit still but he will sit and watch a football game anytime  
    • Nothing is better than watching Parker watch WipeOut.  He gets to laughing so hard that he can hardly stand up…and when he recovers, he reenacts from the top of the couch

      A very windy day on Lake Erie

    • Before and after Parker’s nightly bath, he slips away from Blake, AKA Bath Man, and streaks through the house as fast as he can…giggly the entire way

  • Parker will make you stop whatever you are doing any time he sees a UPS truck, fire truck, dump truck…you get the picture?  
  • He can still tell you the entire story of the day I got my finger stuck in the trunk and he still looks at my gross finger and asks if I’m okay  
  • His vocabulary is much better than a just getting ready to turn two-year old.  He’s listening to everything you say and will repeat it back whether it was meant for his ears or not  
  • As crazy and wild as he is, he still likes to look at books.  Not read them because that takes to long, but he will look at the pictures  
  • Parker loves his Papa more than just about anything.  He gets mad when we call Grandma and Papa isn’t around to talk  
  • He is very passionate about what he wants…which is code for:  has quite the little temper  
  • He can get in the biggest trouble and all he has to do is smile at me with his little grin and blue eyes and I melt
  • He has approximately 11 hours from right now for his birthmark on his face to be gone…I’m not holding my breath
  • He loves his sister and especially loves when she includes him in whatever adventure she has planned  
  • If you don’t hear him…you better go check on him.  He has probably gotten himself into BIG trouble!

  • Parker is a very picky eater but when you find what he is in the mood for, he will eat you out of house and home…for example:  4 ears of corn on Saturday
Parker can drive me crazy with his climbing and running and falling and…but I wouldn’t trade my boy for anyone else in the world.  God sure knows what He is doing.  
Happy 2nd Birthday Parker Clay!  I love you so much and can’t wait to see all the fun things you have in store for this next year!

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