Surprising Outcome

I love Patsy Cline.  I love Barbra Mandrell.  I love a good movie about country music.  I, however, did not expect to like Country Strong.

Come on…Gwyneth Paltrow, Tim McGraw, Leighton Meesters?  Although I like each one of them, I did not run out to pay $10 to watch the movie at the theater.

I recorded Country Strong a week or so ago but hadn’t gotten around to watching it.  I’ve been in the middle of sick kids, a bushel of apples that had my name on them, family pictures and the start of Parker’s birthday week.  Today I sat down at watched the movie…

It was really good!  I was afraid that the actors would be “trying” to sing and it would be cheesy but I really liked it!  It’s a pretty good story and the songs they sang were good!  That Garrett Hedlund is a cutie.  I hope to see him in more movies!  What a pleasant surprise on a gloomy Sunday.


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