Have I mentioned we have added a member to our family? A few weeks ago we inherited a cat whom we named Charlie.

This is an issue for a lot of reasons but mostly because I’m severely allergic. To his credit, Charlie has been a good cat. He prefers to be outside and he let’s my children maul him.
Until this week…
In the middle of strep throatpalooza 2011, Blake noticed Charlie had a big cut on his foot. I didn’t even realize Charlie left the backyard until last weekend so who knows where he got hurt. I thought he could tough it out but Blake is kinder than I am and decided Charlie needed to see the vet.
Good ole Charlie had exposed tendons and had to have stitched. $100+ later, Charlie now enjoys being inside.

Closely at that picture. Charlie is curled up on MY blanket and Paige gave him a new friend
Stay tuned for swollen, watery eyes and out if control sneezing…


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