I brought the monkeys with me

We had a great family day on Saturday!

Our day started off with a little road trip to one of my favorite places to eat breakfast!

Smith's Restaurant in Collins, MO

As a kid, my family would stop at Smith’s on our way to float trips or trips to Lebanon to visit family. 
We had a great breakfast!  Parker behaved for the most part.  The kids shared some huge pancakes while I feasted on ham, eggs, hashbrowns and toast.  Blake had bacon, hashbrowns and toast.  They were out of biscuits but I will forgive them. 
If you have never had ham from Smith’s you haven’t really lived!  You should definitely go there right away!  And if it is lunch time, you will have to have some pie or cobbler for dessert!  You will not be disappointed.
Breakfast was a success!
We continued on our way to Dickerson Park Zoo.  We had never been to the zoo before but we really enjoyed ourselves!  It was a little on the hot side so we chose to walk through the sprinklers that were watering the grass a few times!

Watching the flamingos


Look at the monkeys! Parker was afraid someone might think he needed in the cage too so he was on the run!


The kids were riding in style and had a pretty great driver for the day Feeding the goats and donkeys was a big hit


Parker would squeal and jump each time they licked himThe goats thought Paige tasted greatThe misters felt great. It was hot!


After we visited the elephants, the kids were reviewing what sound they makeParker could have watched the alligators all day long

And after we had looked at all the animals, drank $2 bottled water from the machines, and walked through sprinklers…That’s when the day got even better!  We did something so magical that Parker still can’t talk about it without stuttering.  We made his life dream come true…

We rode the TRAIN! Parker couldn't be bothered with pictures. He was checking the situation out.Everyone was excited for the train I think Parker is saying "Choo choo" while I took this pictureDid I mention Parker loved the train?Parker was in a hurry to get off the train and go talk to "the guy driving it"

What a great day at the Dickerson Park Zoo!  We had never been there before and I would highly recommend for you to visit it.  You won’t be disappointed.
 After a little birthday shopping, meeting up with a good friend and of course a stop by our favorite, Red Robin, we headed home.  We were all tired but we had made a lot of memories and had a great day!