The Circle of Friends

About three years ago, I challenged my best friend with a dare.  You see she was a dynamic fun girl who needed to find love.  I gingerly told her that she could either sign herself up with an internet dating site or that would be the Christmas present I would be getting her.

This dare backfired on me.  She did sign herself up on a dating site and like so many other people that I know, it worked!  She found the love of her life.  While I was super excited for her, and taking credit at every opportunity, love came with a big downfall (in my opinion).  The love of her life happened to live halfway across the state of Kansas (Do I hear the boo’s and hisses starting?)  Now you won’t have to be around me or my family long to figure out that we have a deep hatred for Kansas.  It mainly has to do with Jayhawks and athletics but tends to spill over into other area.  (Sidenote:  Some of my favorite people in the world are from Kansas so please no hate mail)  I realized pretty quickly that I had set my best friend up to leave me.

I was in denial for quite awhile.  The truth finally came about in a lovely wedding accented with hay (we were in Kansas).  My best friend found her true love.  How could I be sad about that?  It’s what I had wanted for her.  In my panic to stay in touch with her, I suggested she start a blog so we could keep up with her happenings in Kansas.  Really I wanted to have proof she hadn’t wilted away out there in the hay fields.  A year after her wedding she is having the time of her life as a farmer’s wife.  She is really making a name for herself out there in the ag/tech world.  You can read about her antics here.  I couldn’t be happier for her but boy do I still miss her.

You see I have a history of losing my good friends in moves.  There were the Huff’s.  He got a big job just a little drive away but we don’t do a great job of making time for visits.  Not to mention the numerous teachers who have graced us with their presence at the middle school.  I have seen a lot of people come and go in my 10 years at the middle school.

During the summer, I was starting to play the “woe is me” card to Blake.  I have lots of friends that I would call acquaintances but I didn’t feel like I had that “go to girl” and Blake was getting tired of listening to my detailed accounts, complaints, and he just doesn’t do a good job of being my “girly” best friend.

Somewhere along the way, God had a plan.  I love it when He does that.  Here I was feeling so sorry for myself and questioning some major decisions we had made that changed our social life drastically and He was always thinking of me.  It’s amazing to me how good friends have been seeping through the cracks little by little without me even realizing it.  Maybe I was just having a pity party and couldn’t see past my own nose.

I have a new friend at school.  (She’ll probably be moving soon, since that’s how it seems to go with me)  She transferred to my building this year and I was pretty sure we would be friends but then I realized maybe we will be in-laws.  🙂  We had a crazy first encounter which included me stalking her husband when I realized we had been neighbors as kids but that’s a whole different blog.  She blogged tonight about how we hung out at the football game and our Kindergarten cuties had a great time hanging out with each other.  You can read about it here.

As I read her post tonight, I realized something.  My best friend is gone because of a move and I miss her terribly.  I’m sure my new friends’ friends miss her terribly too.  There is a circle of friends that keeps moving across this world of ours and God is in control of the entire thing.  He puts people in our lives at just the right time and I read on a random Twitter the other day that maybe He takes people out of our lives before they can hurt us.  We will never know but he orchestrates it beautifully.  I have had a lot of wonderful friends over the years and they have all been in my life at the right time.  I hope they can say the same for me.  To my new friend’s hometown peeps, I promise that I will take care of her.  I hope there is someone out there in God-forsaken Kansas to take care of my friend.



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