My other life

Besides wrestling two crazy kids, I also have a wonderful job.  I get to be the librarian at the best middle school in the country.  I used to get embarrassed about being a librarian.  I guess I thought people were picturing and old lady with a bun and a sweater or something.  I do have a sweater but I don’t get embarrassed anymore.  I love my job, most of the time I love the students and I feel lucky to get to have my dream job.  (By the way I have my sweater on days when it is 64 degrees in the my library like one day this week, I needed more than a sweater.  Maybe a parka is more like it)

The beginning of school is always hectic in the library.  I have to teach almost 200 new students (6th graders) all the procedures of the library.  I do an orientation but I am positive the kids are too overwhelmed to listen because I end up teaching all 180+ where to turn in their books individually.  This week I started to get frustrated and then I realized, just because I have known the routine for over 10 years now doesn’t mean the new kids do.

One of my favorite things in the library is to reveal the new Truman Award nominees to the students.  The Truman Award is an award that middle-school students in Missouri give to an author each year.  All year long students read the nominees and in the spring, they vote for their favorite.  This is a big deal at my school.  On Tuesday morning, I will unveil the new nominees.  They are under a cloth right now, that’s right, it’s very dramatic.  Basically, if you have ever been to Walmart on the day after Thanksgiving, that’s a little how the library will be on Tuesday morning.  Students get really excited to get one of the nominees.  It’s my favorite morning of the school year.  I love when random teachers will stick their head in just to see what is going on because there is such a ruckus in the library.

I’m sure the fact that I bribe the students with rewards for reading these books has nothing to do with their excitement.

I don’t get embarrassed to tell people I’m a librarian anymore because I know I am really good at my job and I love it.  If I start wearing my hair in a bun, you are allowed to get worried  🙂


One thought on “My other life

  1. aliveandwellinkansas says:

    I always loved the revealing day at school. You do an awesome job of promoting those books and getting everyone pumped up for the morning of reveal. Even though I won’t be part of the stampede in person this year, I’ll be there in spirit 🙂 This year’s list looks great!

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