Girls Day Out

When I was younger, there was nothing I liked more than going to KC with my mom for the day to do some shopping.  We would scope out the deals, eat a lunch at a nice restaurant and just talk the whole day long.

I have always taken Paige shopping since she was super small.  She has always been able to keep up with me all day long and we have enjoyed ourselves.  Then two years ago we got a detour in our great shopping routine…Parker.  I never realized that all the “boy” stuff is part of their DNA.  Parker does not like to shop and he loves danger and sports.  We take Parker shopping with us and he instinctively cries every time we go in a store.  Now sometimes we have to do what we have to do so I try to make it as fun for Parker as I can and he has to go anyway, but yesterday the stars aligned and Paige and I were able to have a great day.  Parker had quite a bit of fun himself, I hear.

Blake and I both had the day off.  After a rather early wake-up call from Parker…”Mom, I’m done” came the cries from the bedroom, we woke up and went outside to get our yard chores done.  We were in danger of becoming part of the red-sign group.  Actually, that’s a fib.  I started out helping Blake but my allergies very quickly told me I needed to come in so I got the inside work done while Blake finished tackling the weeds.

When the work was finished, off we went to play.  The boys took a nap and then headed out to a friend’s farm to check on their tree-cams for the upcoming hunting season.  Rumor has it Parker was introduced to the four-wheeler and all-around good boy fun.

Paige and I headed to Joplin.  I had birthday money burning a hole in my pocket and several $10 free coupons for various stores.

We started our adventure at the Japanese steakhouse.  They have great lunch specials!  This is one of my favorite treats but Paige has always been afraid of the fire.  The other day she mentioned she would like to try going again so I hustled her in there hoping she would fall in love with the place so we could frequent it more often.  It worked!  She loved it and she ate a ton!  Next time we will have to bring Parker and once we are all hooked, watch out!

We did quite a bit of shopping.  The only downside I see to Paige getting big enough to not need a stroller is that I no longer have anywhere to keep my purse and to stash my bags.  Now it’s all manual labor during our shopping trips.

We introduced ourselves to Pink Swirl.  All I had to do was look at the name of the place and the sign and I knew Paige would love it but I wasn’t so sure of what I would think of it.  Oh my!  Basically, it’s a frozen yogurt place where you get to fix your own sundae.  We tried a couple different types of yogurt with a couple different toppings.  I’m hoping it’s super healthy since it’s yogurt and all because we will definitely be going back!  As we sat eating our yogurt, I came up with a game plan for my next visit of what exactly I will try.  I hear that Orange Leaf is another of these frozen yogurt places that is really good and Joplin also has one of those.  Definitely head in to check it out!

We ended the day with Sam’s Club for some essentials.  Paige was not too happy and pretty tired by the time we hit the last store.  As we walked in the store, her mood was instantly brightened because they were handing out roses!  Then every sample in the entire store was something she loved.  I tricked her into trying popcorn shrimp so now she is excited to start eating more shrimp!

We had a great day finished off with a relaxing night at home with our little family.  Today was topped with naps for everyone.  It has been a great weekend and I guess we are ready for another week.  After 2 days of kindergarten, Paige was super tired so getting through an entire week should be a challenge.  I hope you had a great weekend full of recharging and gearing up for this next week.  Have a great week!


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