The Thirties…

I will admit it…I was watching Kate Plus Eight the other day and she was asked the question:  If you didn’t know how old you were, how old would you be?  Her answer was 30.

I agree with her.  I have loved my 30s.  I spent my 20s trying to figure out who I was and trying to fit in with everyone else.  I had a lot of big life decisions to make and it stressed me out that I might make the wrong one.

Then I got to my 30s.  I had my second baby and life just started working.  I have realized that I like who I am and I don’t have to be something I’m not just to please other people.

I used to get really upset by other people’s actions.  In my 30s I realize that what other people do doesn’t really have any relevance to my life unless they are doing something to me or even worse, my children.  I just do what I need to do and make sure I’m teaching my kids to be thoughtful people.

Other people’s little quirks used to bug me and drive me crazy.  Now I love people’s quirks.  It’s what makes us different.  Life would be so boring if we were all exactly the same.  God is so creative!

Realizing some of these things have caused my family and I to have to make some decisions that sometimes aren’t popular with other people and sometimes aren’t the easiest decisions to make but in the end, if we are true to who we are, what we believe and what we want, we are ultimately happier in the end.

If you have 30 looming in your future, don’t be worried by it.  It’s a great age!  I hope that with each year I just keep enjoying life more and more.  It makes me excited to keep getting older!!


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