Today Paige got a letter from her kindergarten teacher welcoming her.  This is real.  She really is going to kindergarten.

I’m not one of those moms who will be crying when I drop her off at school on Thursday.  I’m super excited for her to learn to read and all the other great things that are going to happen to her.  I’m excited for her to ride the bus to my school each afternoon and get to hear all the wonderful things that have happened to her.

There is one thing that makes me not want my little girl to go to kindergarten.  I don’t want her to lose her innocence.

One day Paige said to me, “I know a bad word.”  I wondered which bad word she had learned and where she had heard it.  I braced myself for the worst and asked her to tell me the bad word that she knew.  “You know like when you say to someone ‘I don’t like your hair.  It’s ugly’.  That’s a bad word”  Oh sweet Paige.  She thinks being mean to someone is the same as cursing.  She heard another kid reference beer one day and she didn’t even blink because she had no idea what they were talking about.  She is so innocent and naive.

I am not a homeschooling advocate.  If you want to do it, I am not going to hate you, but I personally do not think it is a good idea.  On the flip side, I am dreading what Paige will hear on the school bus or on the playground.  I wish I could keep her home in our little bubble where we pray before we eat, use manners, and give hugs when we hurt feelings.  That is the one thing I’m dreading…the loss of innocence.

I’m sure by going to kindergarten and being exposed to so many other kids, I’m sure I will have many interesting blog posts about things she has said.  There’s the silver lining I guess.


One thought on “Kindergarten

  1. aliveandwellinkansas says:

    Oh my!! I remember Paige before she was even born–And now she’s going to kindergarten. Don’t worry, Amy, I’ll cry for all of us on her first day of school. When did we all get old(er)?!?!

    I’m with you, I can’t wait for the stories!! Good luck, Paige–you’re going to love school 🙂

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