I have had a lot of great birthdays.  I’ve seen pictures of birthdays when I was really small but the first birthday I remember, I got the best gift ever.

I actually had to have my birthday party in our hotel room the night before my birthday.  The next day proved to be a busy one.  I was turning 7!  I remember that I got the Heart Family as a present.  This was like a knock-off Barbie family including twin babies.  There was a baby bed, high chair and even some little spoons and bowls.  The Heart Family is not why I had such a great birthday.





The next morning we went to the hospital.  I played with my Heart Family and before I knew it, my life changed forever.  Adam Joe Appleberry was born!  I was a big sister!  I tell you it’s the birthday gift that keeps giving (and taking).

Sharing a birthday with my brother was not a fun experience as a child.  Sometimes we had to share a birthday cake and we always partied forever by the time we both had birthday parties.  I remember Mom and Dad would be at work and Adam and I would be sitting at home and we would just make up things that we got to do since it was our birthday.  Want to switch presents?  Sure!  I would play board games with Adam or other little things to try to spice up the long boring day before our parents got home so the fun could really start.

Not only do I share a birthday with my brother, but 4 out of 5 grandchildren on my Mom’s side have birthdays between July 10 and August 1.  The 5th kid, Cyler, didn’t come along until much later so most of my childhood we would have a big party for all of us while we were vacationing in Ohio.  I was 6+ years older than all the other kids.  I will never forget the year they all got Super Soaker water guns and I got…I don’t remember what I got except I remember I got SOAKED!

From the time I was 7 until I graduated high school, I never opened presents without sharing  a day with someone.  On Christmas, everyone got gifts.  On our birthday, we both got gifts.  I still feel weird opening presents without Adam around.  My mother-in-law always asks me what I want for my birthday dinner and I always say whatever everyone else wants.  It’s still hard to just take the day to myself.

The year Adam went to West Point was a hard birthday.  Adam left for West Point earlier that summer and we hadn’t gotten to speak to him at all except for a couple of super short phone conversations.  We are a close family.  We don’t go that long without talking.  I made a (stupid) decision that if Adam didn’t get a birthday, then neither did I.  I chose to move into our new house that day.  That wasn’t a very smart decision.

One year on my birthday I got another wonderful gift.  On my 27th birthday, I found out that I was pregnant!  I have had some pretty awesome birthday presents!

Last year was another hard birthday.  Adam was in Iraq.  I still celebrated but I think it was a much more subdued birthday for my whole family.

This year Adam is in Colorado and I am in Missouri.  I wish we could be together but we are grown ups so we don’t get to sit around and look at each other all day while we wait for Mom and Dad to get home from work.

As a kid I just wanted my own day, as an adult I just want to spend the day with him.  Funny how things change!

Happy Birthday Nerdboy!  Wish you were here!!


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