Thoughts from a random shopper

I took a few hours to myself today. I was headed to my hairdresser in Joplin so I snuck in some much needed retail therapy as well.

Here are some things I noticed…
JCPenney has rearranged and I don’t like it.
I know I am not hip or young enough to wear clothes at Charlotte Russe but I can buy cheap cute jewelry. There is no need for the teeny bopper cashier to call me m’am.
Crazy 8 is opened! Apparently this is not new but I love this store and didn’t realize there was one in Joplin.
The town of Joplin is healing slowly. Yes half the town is still gone but I didn’t see as many windowless cars or walking injured on this trip. There are signs promising rebuilding! Keep going Joplin. I’m proud of you.
School is drawing near because I ran in to two co-workers who were also shopping for back to school.
My mom was a smart girl to have both of her children at back to school time. I’m realizing how expensive this process is from the viewpoint of a parent. I got a lot of birthday presents that doubled as back to school items.
I love my children to death but sometimes I need to get away and remember I’m more than a mom. A facial and haircut is a good way to help me remember!


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