Have you ever thought about how much you use your pinkie finger? It’s just a little part of your hand you probably never think of. Until…it is smashed in the trunk if your car for an extended amount of time.

Picture this…I finally find my groove getting my house organized while I’m on summer break. Parker and I run out real quick to throw the recycling in the trunk when WHAM! BAM! I’m stuck in the trunk.

It only took Paige around 5-7 minutes to find the button the open the trunk. A LONG FIVE MINUTES!



Fast forward 3 excruciatingly painful days…a trip to the ER where a doctor basically told me he wasn’t going to help me…a gracious friend’s husband (who is medically qualified) drilled a hole in my fingernail and I think I might live.


I’m not back to my organizing self but I’m definitely on the road to recovery.


3 thoughts on “Really?

    • bookgirl1004 says:

      You know how your finger feels when you have a band-aid on and you can’t feel anything? That’s how my finger feels I have no feeling in it. As long as I don’t bump it on anything it’s okay. Which means the kids bump it all the time. Then Parker yells “trunk!”. And we have to hear a play by play.

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